Aphorisms from Nietzsche

The worst readers. - The worst readers are those who proceed like plundering soldiers: they pick up a few things they can use, soil and confuse the rest, and blaspheme the whole. ~正是吾之斷章取義哉!在時代之逼切性和我貪得的天性﹐原諒我吧!
How to have all men against you. - If anyone dared to say now,"Whoever is not for me, is against me,"* he would immediately have all men against him. -- This does our time honor.

~Apparantly, Nietzsche and Bush didn't agree on this. Or say, Nietzsche can't imagine such a superpower country can fall into the hands of an idiot.

*Mat. 12:30; Luke 11:23
When taking leave is needed. - From what you would know and measure, you must take leave, at least for a time. Only after having left town, you see how high its towers rise above the houses.

~It is exactly language like these, that seems/deem wise, restating facts - that we're in no position to argue, give us the freedom to ambiguously explaining words to our own satisfaction. So does religion, each can pick those lines that satisfy their needs.
Don't touch! - There are terrible people who, instead of solving a problem, bungle it and make it more difficult for all who come after. Whoever can't hit the nail on the head should, please, not hit it at all.

~Idiot seldomly make (numerous) mistakes out of bad intentions, therefore, fucking up these nailings are quite inevitable.

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