Happy Myday!

Haven't written anything for quite a while, well, last month had been quite colourful for me. I was fired from my work on the 7th, which wasn't quite a surprise at that moment, yet pissed. Then I had a vacation to Taiwan for six day period, other than taipei, I had visit the surrounding cities such as 北投﹑淡水﹑烏來﹑基隆﹑九份﹐ which was also quite interesting (I will post some of the better photos possibly in this coming week). Somehow, this is a relieve for me. I just turned fucking 34 yesterday, yup, happy birthday, jack ass. (Right now in my mind, I stuggle that I swear I shouldn't write anything while I'm drunk.) Anyway, I've sent out my full report of my previous company's situation, and today I got a positive feedback, but who gives a fuck? I made a dinner, starting with a French onion soup, then a teriyaki rice shaped pasta with tomato flavoured cabbage accompanying a inch thick pound heavy Australian Rib Eye Steak. Now I am still filling my cup with whisky coke and screwdriver, so, I will leave my complaint for another day. Love you all, Au revoir.