Vox Nihili

Life's a show, and here's the drama. Neither an epic, nor a play, nothing of importance; just a thought, a meditation; on small, unimportant arguments in life.


Just want to jot down something quick about the last incident that I've created online over the last two days, it's not my wish for anyone to be offended, but if I'm going to be known for anything, it won't be my humbleness, therefore I don't plan to back down on my statement or claim, though willing to apologize to those who felt their ego trodden upon. I squibbed a piece of my mind, concerning a casual conversation between friends, without giving it much thought (as always, ha), what I was trying to emphasize on is the social condition that there are too much fake scholars in the front of society nowadays.

The Course

However, my criticism is immediately discovered by a partaker and was viewed as a direct attack. In no time, I'm hurried off into a familiar environment of mindless squabble that isn't uncommon online these days, which I usually detest. Whenever it comes to a conflict of opinions, people just won't be able to take it as it is, they'll feel an urge to win the argument, otherwise it'll be recognized as a weakness (Funny thing that in the same age when they're crying out loud for freedom of votes and freedom of speeches, they'll also try to supress any contrasting thoughts, ideas and opinions. Aren't we all human hypocrites, eh? haha) I do understand the feeling of necessity in defending one's view (I did, didn't I?), but usually it'll just provoke more participants in the argument, making the whole situation more confusing and difficult. It doesn't help when the audience are more than willing to flame the heat up a notch, and see one or another burnt up at stake. Each group might plan on carefully with their next attack. (haha, now including myself, I just felt compelled to clarify myself. Despite intention, no matter what you say'll always be seen as an attack. Afterall, aren't we all just too human?) In the end, people will start to twist each other's words, and soon turn hysterical, trying to "win" the arguement, tormented by rage, and usually it'll come down to a mud field of name-calling, swearing and degrading comments. (Ah! The chaotic riots of minds.)


For the above reason, I view these arguments(*1) as a complete waste of time, rarely you can get anything out of it (with rare exceptions(*2)), so why turn ourselves into savages and barbarians? Argument by itself isn't necessary a bad thing. A healthy argument, I believe, is a good exercise for the brain, and I think that I've read somewhere that in Italy, or is it France? Parents seldomly stop their children from argument, as long as there isn't any violence, for they consider a healthy discussion to be advantageous to their children, it helps developing the reasoning and speech skills. But what people are arguing online (especially in HK), ain't any topic that's worthy (to me) of pursuing. They argue over petite things like "Xanga" vs. "Blogger". For Christ's sake, it's just a goddamn platform, just choose and use the one you like then that's it, what's the fucking point in arguing which one's more noble? It's almost like arguing over whether wearing "adidas ®" or "reebok ®" gives one a more respectable status. There're no answers for such things, some people like oranges, some people apples, and I think it's entirely pointless to argue over this type of subject. Everyone got their own preference in things and life, there is no right or wrong, no win or lose, doesn't need one nor can you find any conclusion in such discussion. De gustibus non est disputandum.(*3) Does it come to a point where one saying the last word will be the victor? If that is the case, then, you win, you can be the conquerer of the net all you want, and have the trophy all to yourself.

In the very beginning when I started blogging last year, I have wrote two essays: War and Unity, reflecting part of my thoughts on something close to this issue. Ah, in the chaos of society, it's such a useless effort trying to convert the blinded, with brains moulded to admire over idols. What can people learn after all these centuries? "In order not to despair and feel disgust in the midst of weak and hopeless idlers, surrounded by apparently active, but really only agitated and fidgeting companions, the active man looks behind him and interrupts the path to his goal to take a momentary deep breath. His purpose is some happiness or other, perhaps not his own, often that of a people or of humanity collectively. He runs back away from resignation and uses history as a way of fighting resignation. For the most part, no reward beckons him on, other than fame, that is, becoming a candidate for an honoured place in the temple of history, where he himself can be, in his turn, a teacher, consoler, and advisor for those who come later." ~Nietzsche. NOTHING. There'll always be more weak and hopeless idlers than an active man.


Briefly I would also like to mention, discussion is often further obscured by the meaning of languages. Out of error, mistakes, unintelligible comprehension, poor wording, and worse - a brainless supporter, often the real conversation can't be exchanged. (all accusations including myself.) Do I mean what I say? Well, I try my best in all circumstances, but who knows, sometimes either it's a problem of expressing, else the receiving. Now, do you mean what you say, and say what you mean?


However, I would still sincerely apologize for the frankness, crudeness and inconsideration of my writings, no matter whether what I claimed deemed true. Such act as a decency or courtesy gesture, but on the same hand, I don't see any need for my subjective views to be changed. I do write this to mark the end of this incident, hopefully, avoiding similar time-consuming events in the future.

Finally, I just want to conclude here by thanking all those that've speak up their piece of mind, for such fine entertainment. "Cynicism is the single form in which common souls touch upon what honesty is, and the higher man should open his ears to every cruder or more refined cynicism and think himself lucky every time a shameless clown or a scientific satyr announces himself directly in front of him." ~Nietzsche . It's also your freedom to think likewise, maybe we all are some sort of jester to others in life. "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." ~ Shakespeare

Now, now, the show's over, there's nothing to see. People, go away!

*1:The line between an argument and a quarrel is whether there're reasoning and support behind the claim, often lacking in a heated debate. And when it's comes a matter of preference, there's just no need for justification, but people are usually compelled to argue over such things.
*2:Unless a worthy opponent once in a blue moon, I'd myself gain a lot from someone, who'd criticize me, and finally became my friend and mentor online for a while. Now that's what I called challenging and worthy argument, I miss that.
*3:Latin proverb: We cannot dispute about tastes.

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