Human's grasp of reality is in form of millions of black and white, right and wrong; but all these comparative qualities and standards are under a different set of measurements. We grew up learning under a certain set of standards and goals, our judgement are biased from the moment we're granted life. The things we can see, hear, feel are all limited within a certain boundary.

Such as beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder, so are all other standards. When these set of standards are cross between two people and put into a test, all sorts of probability are bounded to develop. Leading to a more complicated result when the participants of such crossings increase. When two groups are heated up, their sanity diminish as the measurements of morality becomes blurrer.

A series of questions in my mind: Does it always have to be right or wrong? If there is a right or wrong? If buddism is asking us to relieve ourselves from the standards and see the standards from all others? How far can we let these standards vary? Then where do reality stand? Is morality only fable to keep people being nice? Heck, I guess these can one lead to other and go on forever.

Answers are for those who seek. Seek, and thou shalt find. But for this moment, I will have tea.

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