written as a reply to a whole long series of mindless squabble over Iraq War:People try to sound wise - to make reason out of what happened - to pull out history, correct or else from all source - to make logic out of this nonsense.

The fact is neither side being foolish, or stupid, for the truth is right in front of everyone's eyes. Everyone wants to accept the truth so they take in the pieces of events which they think is easier to digest. Then they reform the reason and logic behind the whole event, recreate the event piece by piece into a form which they think is more creditable. We human need to find a faith, a reason for death. As of those so many who died before us or whose whence after, we seek faith from God, from a higher being, or an intellegent leader.
People choose sides, to find a place for themselves to hide, to see this whole event from where it make sense. Choosing carefully trying to be on the right side, and will defend their little piece of sanctuary where they think they must be standing on the ultimate truth. We all know there's nothing but one truth. Is it?

Sorry, my fellow lads, war in history never make sense, wars are from hate, greed, mistake and all sorts of unforgivable events that link together. To those who have loss anyone in this chaotic event, I offer my most sincere condolence.

People are then bring back together with memories, with grieve, with anger...... and in the end history will repeat itself. So my advice is, my fellow human, believe what you like, hate whoever you want, those who gain from the event are not likely to be punished until (if there is a) judgement day, and those who were killed will most likely to suffer for no reason but for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Accept it, it's fate, it's life, it's God's mysterious ways, name it whatever you like.

Decide what to do with your life, that's the important part. Sometimes in life, when we see mistakes, and live through them, it's not necessary to find a logical reason nor a sound explaination. However large or small the event is, we might not gain anything from it, might not even grew wiser after it. The important thing is how to retain your dignity and sanity after the event. How to walk out with everything intact.

Choose what to do with your life.

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