Autumn fragments

Short sentences, obvious observations, appears thoughtful and observant.

Writing witty remarks might make one seems wise, little know it's for hiding poor grammer. (Only from my point of view, ha.)

Buddhism is a great way to satisfy under-acheievers, Catholism for mentally challenged, and Fa Lun Kung for entirely brainless idiots. (Fascism sometimes comes in handy.)

Atheist are just poor people that can't live life as being told. They go through a long and painful rebellious age to get to the same ending of those religious people who'd live a happy life - death.

Culture isn't enlightened by architectural projects, but decades of dedication towards education.

Reading a ninty years plus six old woman writing about her inevitable end, weakens my will to struggle for longevity. I guess that's why Confucius speaks of arriving indiviuality around age 30, less and less you get excited about new things, for most already start to look for security and settlement at that age. (We train our children to do so at 22, settle for a job, marriage, then a insurance and retirement policy that'll rip'em off decently.)

"Que sais-je?" - Montaigne

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