Title: Only when you've got nothing better to do

Test your patience for idiocy, I'd probably already smacked her in the head after the first five minutes.

Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist Wendy Wright

First 10 minutes

Annoying 10 minutes

Repetitive 10 minutes


Now you know why she cares so much about people without a functioning brain Too bad the judge can't put her in jail for stupidity


Just when you think this can go on forever Now at least there's something to thank God for.


曲非 said...

there you go


曲非 said...

Man: Personally, I require scientific evidence before I believe anything.

Dog: No, you don't.

Man: Yes, I do.

Dog No, you only think you do. But in fact, you rely on media reports that scientific evidence exists. You don't actually see the evidence yourself.

Man: I don't have time to read all the scientific studies myself.

Dog: Oh, so you're not gullible, you're just busy.

Man: That's right.


曲非 said...

here is the proof